Frequently Asked Questions - Pre Sales

Do I need a domain in order to be hosted on this site ?

Yes. You need a domain name in order to be hosted by By purchasing a domain name through a ICANN accredited company like, you have total control and management of your own domain. It is not advisable to purchase everything through a web hosting company as some may require you to pay service charge for management. Once you have purchase your domain, you can set the name servers. We can also assist you in purchasing domains as well as pointing nameservers to our servers.

What domain extensions do you support?

We support all domain extensions

How soon can my account be set up?

All accounts are set up within 12-16 hours and ready to use.

Can I upgrade my account after I have purchase the basic plan?

Yes. You can upgrade your account at any time and this can be done within the hour.

Do I have control over my account?

Yes. You have complete control over your account. In fact you are using industry best and most stable Control Panel control panel. Your Control Panel account will have everything you needed. You can set your own email addresses, SQLs, FTPs, backups and many free features.

What content are allow on my site?

We do not host adult-oriented sites. We also do not host any sites that are contrary to law, racial, hatred or spam sites. If you are in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions - Getting Started

Accessing your control panel (Control Panel)

Once you have received your welcome email, your account is completely set up and ready to go. You may want to access your own Control Panel and start exploring all the features. Please check your Welcome Email which contain all the relevant hosting information you required to start hosting. You can now start creating and configuring your emails, SQLs, etc If at any point in time you are not sure or having difficulties, simply submit a support ticket to us at

How and where do I upload my files?

All files are uploaded in your "public_html" directory. Within the public_html directory, you can create sub-directories, scripts, CGI-BIN, etc. Frontpage users will be glad to know that it will automatically upload to the public_html directory.

What is my Linux path?

You can check your path in your personal Control Panel. All system details are located there.

What are my email settings?

Your email configurations are all located in your personal Control Panel Mail and is self-explanatory.

What is your DNS settings?

Please check your Welcome Email which contain all the relevant hosting information you required to start hosting. Please allow 24-72 hours for DNS to propagate throughout the world.

Bandwidth Usage

Every account has its bandwidth limitations. If your account exceeds your monthly bandwidth, it will be suspended until the next billing cycle or next month whichever is nearer. If you need more bandwidth or anticipating more bandwidth usage, you may want to consider buying more bandwidth or upgrading to the next higher hosting plan. We do not entertain after-billing on bandwidth usage. additional bandwidth charges are billed at $.04/GB

Frequently Asked Questions - General

Will there be forced advertisements on my sites like banners ads or pop-up ads

Absolutely not. You pay for your private personal web space and its only yours. No one can put any ads on your site except yourself.

How do I pay for webhosting?

Currently we accept Paypal or Credit Card for payment which is one of the safest method of payment. As for direct bank transfer please contact us for more details.

Can I host domains on my own?

Yes. You can host as many domains or sub-domains as you like. They will use the same amount of space and bandwidth of your current domain. Your sub-domain will be

What is your up-time?

Uptime is literally the amount of time your site is online. Most would prefer 100% of uptime but this is close to impossible because servers need to be restarted, patch and some basic maintenance work. So an uptime of 99.9% would be ideal.

What should I consider before purchasing a web host?


Don't just based your decision on a well published company and hoping your connection will be fast. This is because most of this companies take in too many customers and as a result slow down their connections. A reliable company like will do otherwise. Choose a company who do not oversell their services and even if they uses a T1 link, your connection will be fast as only a few customers uses this link. Look for those companies that published their web speed on their main site with a third party provider. This will indicate to you their actual commitment for reliability.


Most companies will restrict their customers with the features based on the hosting plan they choose. We at do not restrict any features at all. You choose the amount of space and bandwidth and all the features will be available to all hosting plans regardless of which plan you choose.

What are the factors affecting web site speed and performance?

Basically factors affecting site speed and performance are system hardware, server memory used, processor and the number of sites being hosted. If a company were to take in as many clients as they can so as to gain more profit, it will definitely slow down site performance and speed. In we do not oversell. We allocate space and bandwidth accordingly so that every client has its equal share of space and bandwidth according to the plan purchased. If the dedicated space and bandwidth is fully taken up, we just upgrade to a larger rack.

If the above FAQ do not meet your requirement, or if you are still in doubt please submit a support ticket or you can email us direct